About Us

About Us

Alrubaie Marine Classification & Marine Services LLC, was established in the UAE since in 2009, a marine company and verification body committed to offer vessel management, classification, statutory certification, validation and verification services to vessels and other marine structures with the objective of guarding the environment and life at sea

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients meet their expectation and satisfaction while at the same time be beneficial to the community. Through the verification of the requirements for the operational maintenance of ships and other marine related structures, Alrubaie Marine is dedicated to ensuring the protection of the environment and life at sea. Our goals include shared values in terms of focus on customer expectations through:
Integrity | Quality | Impartiality | Consistency | Competence

Code of Ethics

All members of organization must be full of integrity, who conducts business in a professional,ethical manner. Members shall not attempt to violate the Code of Ethics and Rules of Practice, orknowingly assist or induce others to do so. Members shall be dedicated to the preservation of life and property in the marine environment. Our Code of Ethical is to provide documented guidance to our world-wide human resources which may guide them in their professional but also private life. The observance of this code of ethical business is an essential measure for ensuring the continued safe guarding of our reputation. Our Code of Ethical Business has been concentrated in the following areas:
Integrity | Quality | Competence | Prompt | Diligent | Independence | Conflict of Interest| Corrupt practices | Confidentiality

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